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America needs a leader who will stand up for the rights of undocumented immigrants, while challenging those who question their contributions to the United States.And America needs a leader who will enforce and strengthen the nation's border patrol, but at the same time promote legal immigration into the United States.

After an in-depth and thorough analysis of undocumented immigration into the United States, conclusions can be made that the United States is in dire need of comprehensive immigration reform.

As stated in the White House Report on immigration, it is evident that both documented and undocumented workers and immigrants contribute to all walks of life, especially in the labor force.

The policies require legal immigrants to contribute towards the welfare services for at least ten years before gaining access.

Illegal immigrants play a significant role in increasing the gross domestic product of the United States.

Many of these illegal immigrants contribute to the economy through provision of labor in industries, farms and other economic sectors (Smith, 2014).

Over the years it has been difficult to estimate the contribution of illegal immigrants towards the goods and services evident in the United States each year.According to this evidence, illegal immigration contributes to enhancing the economy of United States.Some of these illegal immigrants eventually become homeowners and are compelled by the law to pay taxes just like ordinary Americans.However, there is a small proportion of illegal immigrants who belong to the old age category, and require free healthcare and pensions from the government (West, 2011).But the government has employed policies to ensure such immigrants do not cripple the United States economy.According to research a high proportion of illegal immigrants who move to the United States comprise of young people.It is estimated that 25% of all illegal immigrants in the US are in the years of 25 to 34, 29% in the years of 35 to 44 (West, 2011).One of the fundamental challenges of comprehensive immigration reform, as the 2008 presidential election quickly approaches, is that leading candidates from both parties have been reluctant to embrace reform during the campaign.On the Republican side, political analysts have said that Senator John Mc Cain’s decline in the polls is a result of his legislative track record towards immigration reform.The complexity of the economic subject makes it hard to model the financial contribution of illegal immigrants (Smith, 2014).However, in 2007 a study aimed at informing the White House Council of Economic Advisors was conducted, and its findings showed that illegal immigrants raise the country’s GDP by more than billion every year (Hanson, 2007).


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