Are Actors And Professional Athletes Paid Too Much Argumentative Essay

Are Actors And Professional Athletes Paid Too Much Argumentative Essay-2
Among the targets of this redistribution there are such people as actors and professional athletes who, according to the popular belief, don’t do anything useful yet are more than honest workers. Yet one question always remains unanswerable: if the work done by these people is so much easier and more pleasant, why all these honest workers don’t give their daily job up and do the same? The only scale that defines the value of your work is how much other people are willing to pay you for it and how easy it is to replace you.The answer is simple: Professional sportsmen and actors possess certain qualities that make other people eager to pay millions of dollars to them – not without the influence of the above mentioned honest workers, who simply like to watch them doing their job. Actors and athletes are unique, so there is no real possibility to find an identical substitute; while any average worker may be replaced by any other average worker.

With all these developments, there has been a tremendous growth in the two industries with the actors and athletes being on high demand.

Many have constantly asked the question ‘are actors and professionals athletes paid too much?

Besides, usually careers of sportsmen, actresses or musicians last for a shorter span of time than that of teachers, doctors and engineers.

Thus, if they earn more money for the risk they take, the amount of dedication they put, and the performance they show, seems quite justified to me.

The main grammar peculiarity is the preferential use of present tenses. Introduction By definition, a curriculum is a set of selected courses usually offered by schools, universities, or colleges (Squires, 2008).

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For this reason, to meet curriculum needs, different subjects are included in a school’s curriculum, and in most regions.

’ It is a weird one but that does not mean it needs no response.

If such a question has ever crossed your mind, then know that you are one of those people who wonder whether they are paid less than others despite working harder.

However, people who bring these stories to life, who put in months to connect the lyrics and pair it with the right notes and people who go through extreme training to bring out the best sport for us are often thought to be just ‘lucky’!

I honestly believe that the people who strive to bring quality to our entertainment deserve to be paid well.


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