Application Letter For Medical Claim

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This means that what you discuss with the adjuster during settlement negotiations can’t later be used against you if the claim ends up in trial.

This can be important when discussing issues like contributory or comparative negligence, preexisting injuries, prior claims, and more.

Titling your demand letter with the words “For Settlement Purposes Only” confirms you have a reasonable expectation that what you discuss in this letter can’t later be used against you if trial becomes necessary. Jones: As you know, on December 15th, 2013, I was seriously injured in an automobile collision caused by your insured, Alex Smith.

The evidence clearly shows your insured’s negligence was the direct and proximate cause of my injuries and resultant damages.

As you know from our previous discussions, I have been employed since 2008 as a sheet fitter with the CDP Company at 1256 Main Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85014.

I was driving my 2010 Honda Accord north in the far right lane of the Maricopa Expressway.

I felt a searing and acute pain in my head, neck, and shoulder areas. He explained that when he realized he was about to miss the Thunderbird Road exit, he quickly changed lanes to exit.

Be sure to include incriminating statements of the at-fault driver.

Most claims adjusters are working on over a hundred claims at any one time, so you want your demand letter to stand out.

While you won’t be using an attorney’s letterhead, there’s no reason you can’t craft your letter just as professionally as an attorney.


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