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Drawing upon his storytelling background, Dan guides applicants to craft authentic essays that leap off the page.

He is available for online writing support within the US and internationally.

After fumbling through a few words and mistaking a verb for a noun, I finished the first sentence.

I skimmed the second line, looking for the main verb. I searched for a singular noun and pieced the two together.

I study Latin for its rewarding return, incredible precision, intellectual challenge, rich history and culture, and deep influence on our world.

I study Latin to show others how beautiful it is, to encourage the world that it should be valued.Then, I noticed an accusative and added it as a direct object.As I continued, a burst of exhilaration shot through my body.I feel that same suspense and unknown when I translate, because I am beautifully struggling to unlock a past I know very little of. Thus, I question why others consider Latin a dead language. The Romance languages of French, Spanish, and Italian all have Latin origins.Without Latin, I would not be able to write this essay! You may see an apple and associate it with orchards, juice, pie, and fall.State: Massachusetts, USA High School: Public school, 306 students in graduating class Ethnicity: Asian Gender: Female GPA: 3.95 out of 4.0 SAT / ACT: n/a SAT Subject Tests Taken: n/a Extracurriculars: Model United Nations president, Working to Help the Homeless president, Belmontian (community service club) secretary, Speech and Debate founder and president Awards: AP National Scholar, Belmont High School Book Award, Belmont Latin Book Award, high honor roll Major: Psychology As an admission essay specialist, Dan Lichterman has been empowering students to find their voice since 2004.He helps students stand out on paper, eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.I worked hard in the class, and it reminded me just how much I love the language.Translating has always given me great pleasure and great pain. Next, I look for phrases that connect the entire clause — does this adjective match this noun? The middle of the sentence is the trickiest, full of convoluted dependent clauses, pieces colored ambiguously and with curves and edges on all four sides.I am sometimes tangled in the syntax, one of the worst feelings in the world.After analyzing every word, I try to rearrange the pieces so they fit together.


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