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(Along the same idea, scoring a 1 is also significantly more difficult! Essential Knowledge: Organisms must exchange matter with the environment to grow, reproduce, and maintain organization.

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In addition to the standard biology topics above, students are required to be familiar with a set of 12 specific biology labs, as well as general lab procedure.

Students are allowed to use a four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator.

Learn Objectives are what the students need to be able to do.

Essential Knowledge is what the students need to know. For the full list of them, visit https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/ap-student/course/ap-biology-2012

Learning Objective: The student can create representations and models to describe immune responses.

Essential Knowledge: Natural selection is a major mechanism of evolution.Each question is drawn from a coordinate shown below.This change to the exam shows a growing need for reasoning skills and an inquiry-based learning of essential concepts rather than simple factual recall.Learning Objective: The student is able to use calculated surface area-to-volume ratios to predict which cell(s) might eliminate wastes or procure nutrients faster by diffusion.Essential Knowledge: DNA, and in some cases RNA, is the primary source of heritable information.This will increase the need for knowing applications of mathematical concepts rather than rote memorization.The questions test 7 Scientific Practices (big ideas) and 55 Essential Knowledge (content, details).Note that since the changes in May 2013, there are now 4 instead of 5 answer choices for the multiple-choice questions.This change saves students’ valuable time without altering the rigor of the exam in any way.Remember to allocate your time carefully, because the grid-ins will take more time to complete.To aim for a 5, spend about 45 to 50 seconds per question and answer 60 or more questions correctly.


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