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(The daughter chromosomes move to the opposite side of the cell.) In Telophase two new cells starts to form. A furrow is formed and the cell is pulled into two.The nuclear envelope reforms for both daughter cells. Once the process of Mitosis is over two new cells are formed and the process starts all over again.The cell membrane consist of two types of proteins.

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Some proteins are able to pass through the bilayer.

Those that do go through attach to certain transport proteins and travel through the cell membrane and do their specific duties throughout the cell.

Proteins consists of 4 levels of structure, which are the primary structure, the secondary structure, the tertiary structure and the quaternary structure.

In the primary structure, there is a specific sequence of amino acids.

In the quaternary structure, there is a particular shape of a complex, aggregate protein, defined by the characteristics three dimensional arrangement of its constituent subunits, each a polypetide.

With the 4 levels of structure in a proteins are essential to the cell membrane.

The cell membrane is very important for an organism because it acts as a first line of defense, blocking out any unwanted structures in the body, in order to maintain a homeostatic state throughout the body.

Molecules such as phospholipids and proteins are vital to the cell membrane based on their functions and structure.

When the phospholipid is created a bi layer is formed constaining a hydrophillic head and a hydrophobic tail.

Proteins are paramount in the function of the cell membrane.


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