Another Word For Problem Solving Skills

In lieu of hard-working, consider saying what hard work was done, e.g.did a candidate work tirelessly to reach an impossible deadline?

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“Consider the verb ‘orchestrated’ and how it shows, versus just telling, the hiring manager what was accomplished.

Orchestrated, by definition, means to arrange and direct.

Well, semantically this sense of “to solve” is a action that requires an object to act upon which then gets defined as a problem.

As such the word “to solve” actually works to answer your question.

“If you put yourself in their shoes for a minute you will understand why.

Most job seekers want to be desirable and so they list these in-demand skills.This isn’t the time to minimize yourself or your contributions.If you were instrumental in a project, replace the word “helped” with the word “spearheaded.” Spearheaded, created and initiated all show that you took the lead and were not merely a participant in a project.But just listing the skill doesn’t do anything to set you apart from the crowd.The most powerful thing you can do is give examples.Show that you’re dedicated to your work, start to finish. “If you disregard diction and word choice and think that they don’t carry any weight you’re wrong.Managers can gauge aptitude, readiness and even your leadership skills from paper,” she adds. However, it’s time to talk about what works be included in your resume. After all, one of Glassdoor’s most popular articles, “21 Words to Never Include In Your Resume,” is bookmarked even by our staffers who want to gut-check before making resume faux pas.What probably bothers you though is that when we hear “to solve” without the context of its direct object, it seems rather passive and leaves ambiguous the urgency of the matter.When we speak of “problem solving”, the emphasis is - if you’ll bear with me - on de-probleming a context with an ominous shadow now looming over it that wasn’t before.


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