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Now you’re stuck with soggy paper filled with runny ink. Too bad there’s no such thing as waterproof paper, right? Entrepreneur Jerry Darling developed a special coating that makes paper durable enough to survive in any weather condition.Darling had originally created the all-weather paper for loggers in the Great Northwest back in the 1920s.Pages in a Rite in the Rain notebook never cling together.

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Anyone else feel like writing some beautiful poetry while sitting in the rain right about now?

A Review: Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Paper A Tool for Home Inspectors by Arlene Puentes, October Home Inspections The rainy Northeast Spring and Summer of 2003 led me to head for my backpacking supplies to pull out a now-valuable addition to my home inspection tools, “ Rite in the Rain, All-Weather Writing Paper.” This paper manufacturers tag line is “ Outdoor writing products for outdoor writing people” and that describes me, practicing my profession.

I usually use a hand-held computer on site to record the notes I'll use to write my inspection report.

I'm not willing, however, to take my expensive equipment out in the rain, sleet and snow. You could be under the shower and be able to write notes on this paper.

You don't need a special writing instrument, just a regular pencil.

And, if you're going to print on this paper you'll need to use a laser printer because its water resistant qualities make it unsuitable for ink-jet printing. Put the paper under a faucet and water runs right off.The ink doesn’t smudge, and the paper stays strong. It’s simple and effective, letting you write, draw and record in the great outdoors with no real regard to the elements overhead and passing by. For economy, its not paper that you'll want to use every day, but on those wet, stormy inspections, Rite in the Rain paper works, as I do, in the rain. The Gear Junkie: Rite in the Rain paper By STEPHEN REGENOLD Last fall, on a trip to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, I prodigiously journaled and took notes for two days, only to have my pages soaked on a kayaking trip into the jungle. So for the past six months I’ve left regular notebook paper in the office, relying instead on Rite in the Rain “all-weather writing paper,” which eschews water like a duck’s back.The paper, which has an acrylic-based coating, is made by J. Darling Corporation, a Tacoma, Wash., company whose founder, Jerry Darling, first developed rain-resistant paper for the Pacific Northwest logging industry in the 1920s.It has a waxy feel to it, though the paper is crisp and clean.Rite in the Rain was developed 80 years ago specifically for Pacific Northwest foresters who needed to document data in the field under our famous torrential rain conditions.Today, "Rite in the Rain" paper products are used by outdoor professionals and recreationists worldwide.It was designed to have ultra-low impact on the environment.The water-based-coating process emits only steam which is then recycled back into the paper-making steam.


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