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He says, “I cannot rest from travel” (Tennyson Line 6).

This travel; as aforementioned, included fighting in the Trojan War.

The lines are unrhymed probably to enable flow of the speech.

Most of the lines end midway in what Shapiro calls “enjambment” (20).

“Some critics have identified his apparent inconsistency in the narrative voice as a flaw in Tennyson’s presentation” (Shapiro 27).

However, this is unrhymed iambic pentameter full of blank verses makes Tennyson’s writings peculiar.

Ulysses cannot afford to just “breathe’ and pass through life quietly, he will, “follow knowledge like a sinking star / Beyond the utmost bond of human thought” (Tennyson Line 32).

Ulysses starts addressing some audience concerning his son Telemachus.

“The Lady of Shalott” has most commonly been interpreted as a poem about the relationship between art and life. Compare the different ways in which Tennyson chooses a classical theme or figure to symbolically discuss the notion of departing from life’s natural course?

How can the Lady’s story be interpreted in these terms? Consider specifically the poems “Tithonus,” “Ulysses,” and “The Lotos-Eaters.” .


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