Affluenza Essay

Imagine a world where the impacts of pollution have caused global warming to get to such an extent where it causes the ice caps to melt.

This problem will cause the sea levels to rise and as a result thousands of homes will be underwater never to be lived in again.

Every weekday, as of now, i wake up at 6 o’clock to go to school, attend at least two classes, head out to soccer practice or a soccer game, go home to take a quick shower, go to my night class which ends around 10 p.m, and then finally head home to sleep.

It feels like the same thing everyday, which makes me feel exhausted and lazy. The weekend provides the opportunity to socialize and complete my schoolwork, yet at the same time, the weekends can be just as stressful.

saturdays are the only days I can do anything because Sundays I work from 11 a.m to 8 p.m.

I don’t think this is a symptom any person can avoid.

That could be seen as a positive aspect of this symptom because once all the unwanted things have been donated, it both helps the economy, from buying it all in the first place, and those that are less fortunate.

The second symptom i agree with is “chronic stress,” where the meaning “everything that i own owns me” comes from.

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