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This means that candidates may take Advanced Highers in a single examination diet or in different examination diets.In schools to date, Advanced Highers have most commonly been taken in S6; however, under Cf E different patterns of Advanced Highers provision are emerging with Advanced Highers being taken in S5 and even in S4, but in smaller numbers.Units which contribute to the course are not graded and do not therefore contribute to the final grade.

SCQF Level 7 is the starting level for Scottish higher education on the SCQF.

Applicants to HE may be awarded direct entry to the second year at Scottish HEPs for certain degree subjects based on specified achievement in two or three Advanced Highers.

This combines different skills, knowledge and understanding from across the course into a synoptic external assessment (which may be made up of one or more components).

Students are required to pass the external assessment in order to achieve the Advanced Higher course.

Most components of Course assessment are wholly externally assessed, but where appropriate to the skills, knowledge and understanding being assessed, Course assessment may be made up of a combination of externally- and internally-assessed (and externally verified) components which contribute to the grade.

Course assessment combines different skills, knowledge and understanding, usually into two or more synoptic externally-assessed components which assess breadth and/or depth across the Course.Unit assessment may be undertaken at the end of each Unit or through holistic or combined assessment across two or more Units.Unit assessment is marked by the teacher or lecturer and is not graded.See the Course Assessment Specification on the subject page for specific information: offers one annual opportunity for Course assessment.Course and Unit Support Notes are also available for each subject: is derived from the added value (externality and synoptic assessment) in the course assessment.Advanced Highers are taken in many state schools, some tertiary colleges and most independent schools in Scotland. The new Scottish qualifications system will provide an opportunity for greater variety and diversity in curriculum planning, which may lead to different patterns of presentation for qualifications.The new Advanced Highers have been revised in accordance with the aims and principles of Curriculum for Excellence (Cf E). The aim is to ensure an appropriate curriculum for each learner.The Course assessment measures retention, integration and application of skills, knowledge and understanding as appropriate.Grades are awarded on the basis of the Course assessment only.


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