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The theory of ‘Gender Performance’ or ‘Gender Performativity’ was first coined in Judith Butler’s 1990 book titled Gender Trouble. Austin’s work on the notion of the performative, and ties into Derrida’s work on reiteration and repetition.

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Traffickers prey on vulnerable women and girls, offering jobs in, and transport to, China.

Butler argues that: “there is no recourse to a body that has not always already been interpreted by cultural meanings; hence, sex could not qualify as a pre discursive anatomical facticity.

Indeed, sex, by definition, will be shown to have been gender all along”. Butler also uses Foucault’s ideas on how the self-identity is constructed in order to develop the performative theories of gender, in which she argues that sex is not something stable and fixed, but should be considered as something which is open to fluidity.

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