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Many collections preceded this final compilation of the Psalms.In fact, the formation of psalters probably goes back to the early days of the first (Solomon’s) temple (or even to the time of David), when the temple liturgy began to take shape.

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This translation possibility appeals to me because it resolves the redundancy of the "bound sacrifice" (אסרו-חג) that is "bound" up to the altar, into two symbols of the holiday that were bound, the and the sacrifice.

So, the answer to your question, is that this is a pilgrimage festival sacrifice that was eaten by the pilgrims themselves, after the priestly portions had been taken, most likely a bull or ox, brought most likely on Tabernacles, but possibly also on Passover or Weeks.

Strangely, both the Septuagint and Hebrew texts number Ps 42–43 as two psalms whereas they were evidently originally one (see NIV text note on Ps 42).

In its final form the Psalter was divided into five Books (Ps 1–41; 42–72; 73–89; 90–106; 107–150), each of which was provided with a concluding doxology (see ; –19; ; 1; 150).

If the intent had been to say that the dedicated animal was tied to the corner of the altar, the preposition would probably have been על, or possibly ל, as in Deuteronomy 6:8: I would suggest that a careful reading of the KJV's "even unto" in fact does not imply that the animal was tied to the corner of the alter. Moses Isaac Tedeschi, in his book "Moses Began", M. Seitz, Trieste, 1870, suggested that the animal was tied to the corner of the altar.

However, Amos Hacham, in the "Daat Mikra" refutes this, saying that there is no support for this view in either the MT or the Talmudic tradition.However, over the course of time, the word חג, "holiday" became synonymous with the major event of the day, the holiday sacrifice, as in Exodus (KJV) where חג is also used: The first 24 verses of psalm 118 are a prelude to the ultimate five verses.Verses 25 through 27, and probably to the final verse, 29, are responsorial.Could this be referring to an unwilling sacrifice & is there a precedent to this type of sacrifice?the preposition translated in the KJV as "even unto" is עד, which means "up to" or "until" in current American usage.Reference has already been made to “the prayers of David.” Additional collections expressly referred to in the present Psalter titles are: (1) the songs and/or psalms “of the Sons of Korah” (Ps 42–49; 84–85; 87–88), (2) the psalms and/or songs “of Asaph” (Ps 50; 73–83) and (3) the songs “of ascents” (Ps 120–134). Ps 1–41 (Book I) make frequent use of the divine name Yahweh (“the Lord”), while Ps 42–72 (Book II) make frequent use of Elohim (“God”).The reason for the Elohim collection in distinction from the Yahweh collection remains a matter of speculation.At least one of these divisions (between Ps 106–107) seems arbitrary (see introduction to Ps 107).In spite of this five-book division, the Psalter was clearly thought of as a whole, with an introduction (Ps 1–2) and a conclusion (Ps 146–150).On this the Septuagint (the pre-Christian Greek translation of the OT) and Hebrew texts agree, though they arrive at this number differently.The Septuagint has an extra psalm at the end (but not numbered separately as Ps 151); it also unites Ps 9–10 (see NIV text note on Ps 9) and Ps 114–115 and divides Ps 116 and Ps 147 each into two psalms.


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