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So let me join with President Roosevelt and Governor Jindal in calling for an end to hyphenated Americans. I hope that, as Americans, we will move toward a color-blind, post-race, and post-racist society. Let us drop our tribal divisions and embrace our shared heritage and nationality.

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Promotion is based on performance scores, not on race.

Discipline is based on individual action, not on race. If more Americans discarded the divisive labels that are thrust upon us every day by government policy, progressive ideology, and popular culture, we would have a much more united, less factionalized, less racist society. I took this nugget of truth to heart and I have tried to live my life in a manner that confirms that ideal.

A truly uniting policy would be to move beyond these feudal bonds of socially constructed imprisonment.

Let us cast off any stereotypes, assumptions, benefits, grievances, or impairments based on the amount of melanin in a person’s hide.

RELATED: The Race-Obsessed Left Has Released a Monster It Can’t Control Archaic classification systems are non-scientific, flawed, divisive, and pointless. Is it not insane that Lebanese, Pashtun, Bengali, Tamil, Turkish, Cambodian, Indonesian, and, of course, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Americans are all classified by our government as “Asian”?

How should a person answer whose parents and ancestors were Arabs born in Egypt? One of the most insulting incarnations of racism today is the idea of race-based voting.What is more racist than to ascribe a person’s political views to her physical appearance? Should not experience, philosophy, religion, economic status, residency, education, occupation, and morality have far more to do with an individual’s political perspective than his or her pigmentation?Expecting someone to think, behave, or vote a certain way based on skin color is as racist as segregation. For progressives, is there ever a point where Asian Americans, African Americans, European Americans, Hispanic Americans (another socially constructed category — arbitrarily divided from Native Americans) can just be Americans? Progressive ideology seems to want to divide us — permanently.And yet many who dare dissent from the politics they are expected to hold based on skin color are often called traitors or Uncle Toms. I am in fact actively anti-racist: I want to live my life in a way so that my tiny corner of the universe is positively improved by practicing anti-racism. Alternatively, the admittedly far-off and idealistic goal for American society from a conservative perspective is color blindness.If race shouldn’t matter in how we judge individuals, let’s treat it like it doesn’t matter.620 has been amended by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1977 to permit the period of 30 days to be completed in one session or two or more successive sessions.acism is not a problem in the United States Marine Corps.“The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all,” Roosevelt said, “would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.” Last year, then–Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal echoed this sentiment when he said of his parents, “They weren’t coming [to America] to raise ‘Indian-Americans.’ They were coming to raise Americans.” Jindal proclaimed that he was tired of hyphenated Americans, a practice which only divides us. While I concede that my perspective has changed from that of a child to that of an adult, I believe that our country — while never having fully succeeded in discarding racism in the past — has regressed in the last decade. I watched in profound sadness and disappointment in the winter of 2014 when, in the midst of the terrible self-destructive riots in Ferguson, Mo., President Obama, the man with the perhaps greatest opportunity to lead our country into reconciliation and unity since Reconstruction, instead further divided our country.It’s true that the evil, government-sanctioned horror that was chattel slavery and Jim Crow are long gone. I was listening, waiting to be led to a new America, and he left me disappointed and Ferguson burning.Just over 100 years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt, in a famous speech, called for discarding the hyphen that many Americans carried as part of their identity.He argued that maintaining the hyphen in American society, would lead to the eventual destruction of America. He dreamed that we would “one day live in a nation” where Americans “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Unfortunately, our nation has changed from the United States I knew in my youth to the country that we live in today. Yet despite these signs of progress, today we are mired in a backward-trending divisive ideology of self-segregation, fruitless categorization, and tribalism.


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