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In the movie, a well respected Iowa farmer by the name of Larry Cook is ready to retire and he's handing down his entire farm to his three daughters, Ginny, Rose, and Caroline.This is about as far as the film gets before the deception and betrayal comes into play.

He is driving while intoxicated, spending recklessly, and not contributing to any of the day-to-day workings of the farm.

The main plot in the story is about the conflict between the two generations.

Larry’s will to power is not just his own, but America’s, and it is ultimately self-destructive.

He willfully destroys what he has made rather than see his children change it, and he participates in destroying his children physically and spiritually through his uses of them and of the land.

The majority of the book focuses on the conflict between Larry Cook and Rose and Ginny Cook.

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Larry decides to retire and to divide his farm between his two eldest daughters - Rose and Ginny.Soon afterwards, her own repressed memories of incest with Larry return.Then the novel opens into what it moves toward from the moment Ginny begins narrating, the story of how Larry has followed the traditions of the conquerors of his land, doing what he wants to because he has power that cannot be opposed, justifying his crimes to himself and forgetting who pays the price, mainly his women.Rose becomes a land lord, and Ginny runs away from her husband and becomes an independent waitress who attends nightschool in order to get a college degree.In addition to the discrimination of females, a major element of the text focuses on violence against women. He bruises her often, and once he even breaks her arm.When Rose and Ginny decide to become the owners of the farm, they ultimately break ties with their father because they want to decide how to run the land and how to make money.Smiley has followed her two novellas, ORDINARY LOVE AND GOOD WILL (1989), with another story of a man who extends his possessiveness from things to people.He contends that one of the novel’s strengths is its selection of Ginny, who is reluctantly drawn into the events and made to acknowledge stark realities, as...As the story starts to unfold in A Thousand Acres, the deception and betrayal between the father and his daughters becomes the main focus of the film.Written by Kate H and other people who wish to remain anonymous , Rose and Ginny are confronted with discrimination.They are forced to remain inside to cook and clean rather than help the men outside with farming.


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