A Psychosynthesis

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His focus was to achieve personal and spiritual synthesis, rather than analysis.

He proposed that the purpose of psychological healing was to contact a deeper centre of identity (the Self) to nurture its unfoldment, while removing obstacles to its actualisation.

He held a wide and deeply compassionate view of the human condition and devised numerous creative ways with which to discover an individual’s unique reality and address their needs.

Perhaps the pain of the traumas we have lived through also emphasizes the deeper pain of having given up the freedom, order and beauty we once had – of having lost something most precious, of not being in touch with our Self.

This is an inner journey of development, a journey to evoke the person that I really am!

“The most important thing for me over the next few years is really stepping into myself and owning who I am.

I want to pursue things I am really passionate about, aligned with a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

I think I’ve struggled to do so the past because of not knowing myself well enough” (current student) We believe we are at the beginning of a new psychological paradigm, a paradigm based on what is emerging in terms of aspiration and serving humanity as a whole.

Through an in-depth approach, various aspects of your life and relationships can be better understood and the potential for your own self development realised.

Offering counselling and psychotherapy, couples therapy, family constellations, self development workshops and parenting advise.


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    As such, Psychosynthesis offers A conceptual understanding of the nature of human advancement. Practical techniques to help us cooperate effectively with this process. An inclusive and ever-growing framework for the unfolding of individuals, groups, and the planet.…

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    Psychosynthesis is a psychology of hope, with its eye not only on history, but also on a purposeful future giving individuals the capacity to reorient their lives in the direction of meaning and values. Psychosynthesis has also been described as a psychology of the Self, in that the realms of human experience also include.…

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    The Institute of Psychosynthesis is a psychospiritual self-development centre in North London, that offers a wide range of people a training in Inner Resilience Core Training to enable them to make a significant difference in their worlds.…

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    Psychosynthesis is a liberating discipline – a map to help navigate human experience, and a toolbox for life. The Psychosynthesis approach affirms the reality of spiritual experience as an integral part of human experience. Psychosynthesis acknowledges our individual uniqueness and our connection to the whole.…

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    He saw psychosynthesis as an evolution of the psychological thinking of the time to include all of a person's body, mind & spirit in the process of psychiatry, psychotherapy and self knowledge. This book contains many of his early writings describing psychosynthesis and its application to psychotherapy and self improvement.…

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    The stages of Psychosynthesis may be tabulated as follows Thorough knowledge of one's personality. Control of its various elements. Realization of one's true Self—the discovery or creation of a unifying center. Psychosynthesis the formation or reconstruction of the personality around a new.…

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    Like psychoanalysis, psychosynthesis is a broad theory of psychology, designed to help with a wide range of issues and with human development in general. Assagioli believed psychosynthesis could effectively treat neuroses, trauma, anxiety, and depression. As this method of therapy is focused on growth.…

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    Psychosynthesis is a powerful and effective mode of holistic growth and is rapidly gaining recognition in the psychological and transformational fields. It is also a positive and dynamic framework from which to view the evolution of our planet.…

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    Psychosynthesis A Manual of Principles and Techniques Roberto Assagioli on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. comprehensive account of Roberto Assagioli's psychosynthesis, a type of therapy that addresses both spiritual development and psychological healing and growth.…

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    The Synthesis Center is a nonprofit educational institution, founded in 1976. We are an organization of people committed to supporting the conscious evolution of individuals and society as a whole, through our teaching and practice of psychosynthesis.…

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