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Conan Doyle’s detective stories focus on the main character, Holmes, the plot, and the puzzle of identifying the criminal.

Conan Doyle’s detective stories focus on the main character, Holmes, the plot, and the puzzle of identifying the criminal.

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The emerging nuclear stations pose a great risk to human race, given that even at the most peaceful time, accidents can cause untold catastrophes that can be experienced across many generations.

The Hound of the Baskervilles is a detective story written by Conan Doyle, and it stars the most famous fiction detective character, Sherlock Holmes.

Hard-faced, and gnarled has connotations of menace, and therefore the atmosphere becomes menacing to the reader.

Dartmoor is described as having a “gloomy curve”, with “jagged, and sinister hills”.

The setting in the Hound of the Baskervilles gives a geographical and physical context to the events, and atmosphere in the plot.

Holmes and his assistant are part of the setting in the novel, as they bring a part of London wherever they go.Puzzles were very popular during the time Sherlock Holmes books were released, resulting in a high popularity of the series.Another reason why the series was so popular is because there were always hints of supernatural life and horror in the novels, and people were fascinated with this.This shows the reader that wrongdoing can be overcome, and reassures the reader morally, and socially, that they are safe.Conan Doyle’s creation of Sherlock Holmes is very important to the Detective story genre.The barometers to measure the nation’s power are no longer based on its ability to feed their people but on the precision of the fighting arsenals in its possession.Science and technology has made it possible to have every square meter of the vast globe being monitored by fire spitting satellites waiting for any possible provocation.Sherlock Holmes lives in Baker Street, which is one of the wealthiest, and best places to live in London.London being the top city in the times of Sherlock Holmes, gives him prestige to live there.The Mysteries of Science Introduction As I write this essay, I am over whelmed by what human beings can accomplish given time and space.As I look through my window, planes are flying over smoke that lazily ascends from the industries beneath them; vehicles fill every available space along the streets as the news report another successful rocket launch on its mission to the Mars.


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