50 Winning College Essays From Ivy League Students

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Suddenly, a gust of wind blows through an open window, upsetting the pile of applications. Curious, you pick up the essay and start to read, and you smile: 4 c. Flour reminds me of the powder snow that falls in the West.

As 400 essays flutter around the room, you notice a page with a recipe for cranberry bread. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, where our snow falls more like sugar; granular and icy, and makes us hardy skiers, unlike those spoiled by Western snow. Finally, a student you would want to meet, someone who dares to express herself creatively rather than simply regurgitate the same old litany of high school achievements and adolescent truisms. As you finish the “recipe” and read through the rest of her application, you start to feel much better.

So at some point there's a bit of weariness that sets in reading one good applicant after another.

The student who’s able to cut through that, an interesting essay, an unusual topic, someone who makes us laugh, that's someone that stands out for us.

M., and he was beginning to grow tired…."On a Wednesday in the middle of March this job gets tough.

Sometimes it seems that there are only four types of essays: the 'class president' essay, the 'I lost but learned' sports essay, the 'I went to Europe and earned how complex the world is' essay, and the good old 'being yearbook editor sure is hard work' essay. And this is from Eva Ostrum, former Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Yale University (in an interview in ): “The essays that grab me give me some kind of hook in the beginning to reel me in.” Second, present yourself as an interesting person by taking the risk of revealing yourself in a creative way because that suggests that you’ve got a very good shot at being a good student.The essays in the book * vary wildly and include “think pieces,” multiple-panel cartoons, poems, and short plays, among others. Your desk is somewhere beneath a huge stack of papers. Mechanically, you open the next application folder, and again you force yourself to read: I am constantly striving to expose myself to every opportunity to become a person with a deep understanding of my own values and of the environment in which I find myself.There is no perfect college admission essay that’s going to appeal to all college admissions officers, because they have differing tastes, just like you and our various essay expert staff members do. I have participated in a broad range of activities, and I have endeavored to become ever more versatile and tolerant while at the same time solidifying my own ideals… But you must, because the deadline for notifying applicants is just a few days away.matter is what you say and how you say it, because you should have clear objectives, and we’ll provide you with advice on that matter in future blogs.” Here’s the first installment for you.We start by confessing that we lied to you in our title for this blog: We can’t give you the magic formula for writing a perfect college application essay, because there isn’t one.Here are two important lessons to be learned: First, a perfect essay the readers immediately, making them want to read on.It gets them to willingly follow your thoughts from beginning to end instead of getting dragged along out of a sense of obligation to read your entire essay.With no supplemental essays students might thing, “SURE, I’ll just throw one in because it’s easy.” Or, maybe colleges just want a lot more applicants so they can reject more and their acceptance rates will go down making them appear more prestigious.Perhaps they don’t have the manpower to handle them all or maybe they’re just trying to make your life as a student a smidge easier during a tumultuous and stressful time.When I read one of those, it takes amazing willpower to get to the third paragraph." "So sometimes you don't read the whole essay? What follows is from Seth Allen, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid at Grinnell College, while he was answering questions from a producer on February 16, 2011, about what really goes on when admissions officers decide applicants' fates. It might be in the essay itself…the students who can, in their own words, paint an effective picture of themselves through demonstrating to us what matters to them, because of the topic they choose to write on and how they choose to write about it and .[emphasis added] Reading [applications] takes place very early in the morning and well into late at night.


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