5 Paragraph Essay About Technology

In e-contracts there is usually a dilemma sometimes as to when an offer is said to be made and when an acceptance has been communicated back to the offeror, there are also issues as to whether the website advertisement is an ‘invitation to treat” or an offer .

I believe that the internet operates fairly well depending on the type of connection you chose to have.

For instance a dial up connection isn't as reliable as say a cable or a T1 or T3 connection.

This technological Improvement has brought faster means of conducting business transactions, different from that of paper transactions as the steps that are necessary to conclude and form an e-contract is different and may be considered more technical than usual traditional contracts.

E-contracts are contracts that are executed and enacted by a software system in the sense that they are not concluded by face to face communications i.e.

With a dial up connection your service provider might not be as solid, the speed of your connection is faster and disconnections could occur more frequently.

On the other hand a cable connection you are connected all the time and the speed of you connection is almost ten times faster than a dial up.

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In this paper I will share with you the personal connection and social context this technology puts on me and other people around the world.

The significance of this technology for me is that it allows me to communicate with family members, friends, and teachers easily and effectively.


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