2002 Ap Biology Essay Answers

Therefore, the commission notes the critical importance of finding ways to increase the equity of access to AP courses.

The report sets forth goals and recommendations that would broaden the aim of the program by positioning it to enable many more students to experience college-level courses and earn college credit while in high school.

The Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs are the two most widely known and nationally recognized models for advanced study.

Students in AP and IB courses are provided opportunities for both acceleration and advanced study in high school mathematics and science.

The College Board has developed an AP Diploma that is being offered in the academic year 2000–2001 in 20 school districts across the United States.

To earn the diploma, students must complete five AP courses and receive a qualifying score (3) on each of the five examinations.

The committee prepares the course description for each subject and compiles a list of the textbooks used most frequently in the corresponding college course.

Development committees for AP science courses may also recommend laboratory activities that are representative of work done by college students in the corresponding introductory course.

Since approximately 34 percent of students enrolled in AP courses do not take the AP examinations, the first challenge noted is how the program can maintain the quality of courses and examinations and the validity of the AP credential.

Second, students from urban, rural, and poor districts are underrepresented among those who take the AP examinations, and minority students are less likely than other students to take AP courses when they are offered and to achieve success on the examinations.


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