100 Day Business Plan Template

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Ultimately you have finite time and resources to get things done, so keep a running list of questions and concerns but wait 60 days to truly identify the biggest problems worth solving versus selecting issues, teams, or organizational challenges that may not actually be the biggest impact projects to tackle.–Make sure you thoroughly review and understand the budget, not just headcount.Understanding an organization through the lens of its budget will help you understand what the company prioritizes and truly values.–Plan how you’ll get to know the organization and the people.

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Coming in with a predetermined playbook, without genuine humility and a curiosity to learn about the company’s history and culture, is never a good idea.–Really listen to people at all levels of the organization and show them you care in your own authentic way.

Your role is to truly care about their experience in the company.

The higher you climb up the corporate ladder, the more responsibility you have and the less time to assimilate into each new role.

And short of the CEO, nobody feels the pressure more acutely than the executives charged with leading the people team.

The ultimate goal is to bridge the expectations gap and clearly communicate that we are business leaders who can affect change through people-related decisions.–Lean into something that’s hard by the end of the 100 days.

It could be taking on a big and long-term project that is intimidating but important for the company, or voicing something really tough organizationally that no one else has wanted to address.

Jumping into “fix” mode without a firm grasp of these variables can create even more problems.

According to a study last year by the , 70% of new executives cited a poor grasp of how their organization works as a stumbling block for effective onboarding.

That pressure can put you in a place where you’re constantly reacting, derailing your long-term strategy.

As you consider the advice above, be sure to take time to reflect on your best path forward.


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